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Remember those shelves I showed you last week? Here's a quick refresher if you don't. The bottom one is from Ikea, and since Ikea doesn't make smaller ones in the high gloss grey I had to get the ones on top from Container Store.

Well after a day and a half of drilling holes into tile, they are finally up! Yes, you read that right, a day and a half. Behold the drill bits it took to make this happen. The two on the right are the exact same bit, and they also suck for this project. Drilling into tile and glass is what they are made for, but Matt and I only got four holes drilled with those ones. The one on the left is the one I picked up at Lowe's after dropping Matt of at the airport. It worked much, much better (except when I was moving the drill around a little bit and broke the first one. Thankfully Lowe's exchanged it for me). I was actually able to drill the remaining five holes by myself in an afternoon. Here's a link to a similar one, I couldn't find the exact bit I used.



This is what I got with just a few minutes of drilling. The other drill bit just left me a tiny little dot after what felt like the same amount of time.



Once I had all my holes drilled, I used these anchors from the Container Store to attach the brackets.The smaller shelves came with some, and after seeing how secure they were I bought an additional pack for the big shelf. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the anchors, but the instructions on the back of the bag are pretty clear. It was pretty nice to finally be done with this step of the project. Oh, and now we will be on the look out for some art or perhaps a fancy mirror to put in this big empty spot. I vote for something light that we can hang with some command strips.



We are so close to being finished with this project! We just need to do the electrical, and by we I mean we need to find an electrician and have him do a little wiring. Then I'll whip the decanter lights together, and throw a party!



Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure, this bottle of wine was opened a week or two ago and has been in our fridge ever since. The more you know!


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  1. It is looking amazing! You guys have done such a great job! And isn't it funny how sometimes the things you think will be easy are the things that take forever! At least, that's what always happens to me. :)

    1. Right? I knew drilling through tile wouldn't be easy per say, but a day and a half? I expected to be done before Once Upon a Time started, not half way through the next day.

  2. Omg! It looks SO good!


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