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Yes, I am currently stuck in the never ending project of painting and stenciling my studio. In fact I spent most of my free time this weekend salving away working on it. One teensy tiny update just for funsies, I finished two out of the three walls that I'm doing. I'm not doing the back wall (with the window), but I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet. So give me your suggestions!




Since I don't want to write a post that is basically the same as last weeks I went to craft night and made this!



It's another string lampshade, but this one is much cuter because it's baby sized! Eventually I'd like to make a little cluster of shades like this with different colors, shapes, and sizes. The shade was for a chandiler and has two springy loops that hold on to the smaller light bulbs. Snce there's not a hole in the top like the yellow one I'll do the same thing to the other little one so they match and sandwich them together kinda like this.



You must've wondering what I ment by going to craft night. Well there's this really cute local craft boutique (fancy right?) that has an open craft night every Tuesday from 6-9. You basically bring whatever you want to work on that you can bring with you. It's at the Fancy Tiger store on 1st and Broadway, I used to go all the time back before we had a house. I also used to knit a lot back then too and they even hosted a pumpkin carving party for Halloween. Since I don't really knit these days I was a little frantic Tuesday morning trying to think of what I could work on. Most of my projects these days are kinda attached to our house, or are too big to take anywhere. I remembered the chandelier shades that I had in my studio an quickly ripped all the fabric off them and sprayed one down with some pistachio colored spray paint before I left for work. The only other thing I needed was the crochet thread to wrap around, which I had plenty left over from the last shade.

Oh, and since they had just moved into a new store this year I decided to snap off some iPhone pics. They have tons of cute fabric.



Among all the cute fabric were these adorable cat fabrics for you or that special cat lady in your life.





This one was my favorite by far! It's apparently a lot of other peoples too because they were down to just a few fat quarters. You know the whole "Put a Bird on it!" trend from last year? I think this year will be cats!



And speaking of cats, look at this adorable embroidered cat pillow. The ball of yarn is the best part.



I'm sure you've seen that cute iPhone cover with the Mario Bros. characters cross stitched on the back and wondered where to get one of those cases. Well they've got them! Not only in white, but black and neon colors too.



This little bowl of neon thread was close by and caught my eye too. It would be cute to use for embellishing your fabric, kinda like I did with my iPad sleeve.



There's also this awesome collection of buttons above some of the fabric. I just love all the color and shapes.



Not only do they have awesome things to buy, but their store if full of great inspiration. Their check out table is clad in these rough and knotty planks of wood. I love how they are kinda random.



Back in their sewing room they have these frames at every station to keep scissors handy. I think adding a little container to hold your seam ripper and hem ruler thingy would be a really nice addition.



My absolute favorite thing in the store is this amazing ceiling fan! It's made out of a windmill. I even showed it to Matt and he likes it too. Who knows, maybe we will make one for our living room someday.



So if your finding yourself with nothing to do in Denver on a Tuesday night, pack up some craft supplies and go visit with some crafters at Fancy Tiger! Don't live in Denver? Maybe there's a cute little local craft store in your city with friendly where crafters flock. Maybe they even have an organized craft night, or if they don't you could suggest one. How about that cat fabric, what would you make with it? Oh, and I'm still looking for a volunteer to finish painting and stenciling if you're interested. Or how about just suggestions on what I should do on the wall with the window.


Nikki Kelly

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