Fancify The Pictures on Your Fridge

8:32 AM

Sorry for no post for last week, I was on vacation in Florida, visiting my friend Taylor in Destin.  Hi Taylor!  So much fun, but really hot.  I get it now when people say "yeah, but it's a dry heat" when talking about how it doesn't get hot in Colorado.  We had some beach time, went on a boat, Matt caught a fish, got lost in the MLK and alphabet street neighborhood in Pensacola, and capped it off with a night in NOLa. But now I'm back to share a quick little project or 2 for yo fridge!

First, a little disclaimer.  I don't know why our stainless steel fridge is magnetic.  It just came that way.  We even spent a few months with all of our magnets on the side because I've always heard that stainless steel isn't magnetic until one day Matt slapped a magnet on the fridge and it stuck.  So you could say our fridge is kinda fancy.  Alright, back to making it look nice.  So if I was to ask you if you like to put photos or postcards on your fridge you would say yes right?  I thought so.  But if your fridge looked like this you might re-think that.

So here is a classy way of putting this stuff on your fridge.  First step is, get all this stuff:
Super Strong Magnets
A stick to mix the epoxy together with

Mix a little of the epoxy per the instructions, then using your mixing stick apply some onto one side of your magnets.

Now just put that magnet, and 4 more in the corners and let it dry overnight.

While that was drying, since I had most of the supplies out, I finally turned the geological markers from our trip to South Dakota into magnets too.

I just used our Dremel to cut off the pokey part then using the same epoxy glued the magnets to the backs.

I only cut the pointy thing until it was like this, then just broke the rest off.

Now my fridge looks a little prettier.

So am I the only one with a magnetic stainless steel fridge?  Are you going to slap a magnet on yours to see if it works?  If so and it is, how long have you had your fridge with out magnets on it?   Have a good weekend folks!


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