Rummaging through other peoples things.

9:41 AM

This Sunday Matt and I planned to work on something around the house.  Maybe replace our ceiling fan in the bedroom with one we bought when we lived in our old apartment.  Perhaps start painting some of the railing.  Who knows, but those plans went up in smoke when our friends Mike and Ali invited us to go estate sale-ing with them Saturday night.  I said yes before Matt could even process what they said.  See, garage and estate sales are not really his thing so I wanted to commit us to this outing before he could talk me out of it. I love looking through other peoples junk to find neat-o stuff.  It's really the best place to find those one of a kind pieces in my opinion.  And they are always pretty cheap.

Anyway here are some of the things we saw:

Tiny Beer Mugs.  With these you could have as many beers as you want.

 Decorative plate with one boy choking another boy that is wearing a dress.  Hmmm...

But this was my purchase from the estate sale.  I might spray paint it, not sure.  

After the estate sale we decided to check out the flea market.  And by we I mean Ali and I decided to go and Matt and Mike were obligated to join us since we all rode together.  

 I don't know this guy but he plans on using his purchase to frame some artwork.

 ♫♪Talking it up, on the Barry Gibb talk show♪♫

If you need to grow your hair out but are having a hard time styling it you could just buy this pre-made bun to wear until your hair is long enough.

 These are not that weird but I thought they were kinda cute.

This is where all those missing remotes went.

TINY ORGAN!!! How cute.

 I left the flea market with this peanut shaped box for $1.50.  AWESOMESAUCE!

Ali picked up this painting, the lady selling it told her that her mom put wrapping paper on the other side so she could just flip the picture around for the holidays.  And there was some green foil wrapping paper back there.

So now that I have experienced the flea market my opinion is that it can be awesome but it is really weird.  But I think Ali and I will be back some time this summer.  Who knows what we'll find then.  

What kind of crazy things have you found rummaging through other people's things?  

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  1. How fun. Gross on the hair piece. We don't have flea markets in our area, I'd love to check one out.

  2. Looking through old crap is SOOOO much fun! Love the peanut box.


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