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Back to the kitchen to-do list.  I am working on covering the open space above the microwave.  There are some 2x4's above the microwave for support.  They are almost flush with the surrounding cabinets.  So dimensional lumber will not really work to fill it in.

Thankfully I have some thin wood in the garage from when we tore out the built in from the bedroom.  The opening is 30" x 8.5".  I added an inch to my measurements to avoid the existing nail holes.  Using a circular saw I cut out the piece I needed. 

Oh and check out my studio space.  I started organizing down here last week so I could actually work down here, but I hope it doesn't look like this for too long.

Now for the opening, I was trying to match the curved detail in our cabinets but I failed miserably.  So I decided to just make a frame thats 1 1/2" around.  I used the same circular saw to cut out the center using a plunge cut technique.

Paint the same color as the cabinets and enjoy some ice cream while the paint dries.

For the inset I used some decorative sheet metal that I picked up from Lowe's.  I also got these cutting discs for Matt's Dremel to cut the metal with.  Once I had it cut to size I hot glued it to the wooden frame.  (Yes I used hot glue, work with what you've got.)

That looks soooooo much better. Now what is next on the old list?

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