Loving Me Some Stockholm!

1:35 PM

The 2014 Ikea catalogue arrived last week and the new Stockholm Collection is amazing! So many pretty things..... but my favorite thing (and Matt's also) are these new dining chairs! They need to be in our lives ASAP! We were thinking they would be great for the dining room (big shocker there).


Currently we have a tall square table that extends to be a rectangle and two pleather benches that the cats love poking their sharp claws into. Here's a really old picture to help jog your memory. This also is helping me to realize that I need to update my home tour picures, but that is for another day. We have decided that a round table would probably be better for the space, and I'm pretty over the whole bar hight table thing. Sadly the Stockholm dining table is a long rectangle, so we'll have to find something else to our liking for this plan to materialize.



The chairs are not the only pretties that I am coveting right now, this mirror is gorgeous! I feel like I would've obligated to set something on the larger lip on the bottom, but I'm not sure what.



I also love this glass cabinet! I don't think we have room for it anywhere, nor is Matt a fan, but I still love it! I plan to live vicariously through the people that do end up with one in their home, just a fair warning.



I really want to get my hands on this flat woven rug. I think two of them would be perfect to put under our bed. With our drafty windows and a size able corner of our room walls being exposed, the floor on my side of the bed is noticeably colder than everywhere else. This would make dragging myself out of bed on those cold winter mornings slightly more tolerable.

There's also a little peak of one of the fabrics in the collection! I actually bought some on Monday because I loved it so much. Those yellow circles have a nice watercolor look to them, and we have been desperately needing some window treatments in the kitchen.



They're not full curtains, they don't even fill up the whole window. Ideally we would like to get some sort of roller shade that you can still see through, but I thought these would frame the window nicely.



I used the Deka curtain wire to hang them, and simply sewed four small hems around the fabric. Easy peasy.


Have you gotten your Ikea catalogue yet? What's you ew favorite thing?


Nikki Kelly

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  1. I just got my catalog yesterday and also love the yellow hutch. Hubby is much much of a traditionalist when it comes to furniture though

    1. Yeah, Matt just said, "It looks like a trophy case."

      An awesome trophy case!

  2. Getting the catalog is always so dangerous for my bank account haha

  3. I'm loving this new collection too! My favorite pieces are the Stockholm tv unit and the green velvet couch! If that couch looks nearly as good in person as it does on the website then I'm totally getting that for my kids to destroy in our basement!


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