Sneaky Peaky: Cabinet Doors

1:33 PM

I didn't do a lot of projecty stuff this weekend because (dunt dun DUN!) I was in Seattle! Those of you that follow my instagram feed already know that, but for those that don't I was a little iPhone camera happy. My most favorite thing were the flowers at the public market. I even brought a beautiful bouquet of dahilas home with me! Anyway, that is not what today's post is about. I wanted to show you a quick little update on my cabinet doors, which I hope to finish this week. I'll wait until they're finished to spill my beans as to what all I've got in store for them, but I would love to hear your guesses!

I came home yesterday and got straight to work on stenciling this cute little dandelion puff that I ordered from Cutting Edge Stencils during their Facebook fan sale and I am so excited to see (and share) the final result.

Have you taken a weekend trip anywhere lately? Any guesses as to what I'm doing with these doors? Did you know fish have tongues? Well, now you do!

I have not been compensated for using this stencil in any way, I was just really happy with my last purchase so I got another!

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  1. Am I allowed to guess since I know? Lol


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