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So I've been talking a lot about Instagram lately, and today will be no different. Why, you ask? Well 2 Sundays ago Matt and I went on an Instawalk. Basically, someone can organize this little meet up by simply posting a picture with the details in their feed and then tag it with the city it will be located in to make it more visible to people in your area. Our instawalk was put together by Jennifer, aka @merritphoto.

Photo from @merritphoto 's feed

 It was a fun little activity and is kinda outside of our usual activities. As the invite stated we started at the clock tower and made our way over to the performing arts center. Just a little heads up if you're not from the Denver area, those 2 places are only a couple of blocks apart. So we didn't make it very far, it was the first Instawalk for Denver so I think people just wanted to meet one another.  Matt and I even invited tricked Mike and Ali into coming along. They were a little befuddled as to what exactly was going on, and spent some time pouting. Eventually they went to the bar down the street where we met up with them later. 

The group spent most of our time in the performing arts center, as there is a lot of beautiful architecture there. We also spent a little time sharing our favorite apps for photo editing with the iPhone, which I'll share my faves with you next time. So today, just sit back and enjoy some pictures from the walk.

Photo by @lensjones
Photo by @merrittphoto
Photo by @greeblemonkey
Photo by @greeblemonkey
Photo by @greeblemonkey using the 360 Panorama app.
Photo by @madhatter10_6
Photo by @madhatter10_6
This one was Ali's idea.
Photo from my feed, but it was all Ali's doing.
 Another one of mine.
Photo by @lensjones
And one more of mine.

Have you ever been on an Instawalk?

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