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In our home the Sunday after Thanksgiving is when we like to start decorating for Christmas. I know a lot of people like to do that on Black Friday, but I'm a hair stylist and have to work. And what better way to make another football Sunday go by just a little bit quicker than making yourself busy with shiny things? Anyway, this year was a little different, we had 2 trees to deck this year. 
A traditional green one, and a super-fantastic-awe-inspiring white tree. The green one is the very first tree that Matt and I purchased 7 years ago and has been a very faithful tree. But I've always wanted one of those fancy white trees with the brightly colored ornaments to light up my living room. Year after year I would ever so gently suggest to Matt that we needed a white Christmas tree, but I guess my reasoning wasn't convincing enough. Finally this year he caved. I don't know how it happened, maybe he was just finally tired of me showing him a million white Christmas trees from Pinterest , but who cares. I finally have one. We got a fantastic deal too, but more on that later. The best part of all is that this new tree would now free up some space for all of our more traditional ornaments. Maybe that was a contributing factor in Matt's caving. We both now have equal amounts of tree property to display ornaments in however we see fit. Here is Matt decorating his our green tree. 

We have collected a nice little assortment of ornaments over the years but these are some of our favorites. 
1. Not really a favorite, but I mad 2 of these snow flakes from Martha. 
2. Skiing Santa, one of his little ski poles broke, but it wasn't anything a little super glue couldn't handle. 
3. This cute little gondola cabin. 
4. We got this during our stay at The Stanley 2 summers ago. 
5. Another ornament I made during this crafting frenzy. 
6. And what Colorado Christmas tree is complete with out a character from South Park? 

In addition to Kenny, we had to get some for our local sports teams. We still need to get an Avalanche one, but we don't really watch hockey.  
I can't forget Matt's other tree. It's a Charlie Brown tree that we got at Mike and Ali's Annual White Elephant Party.
Now, on to the white tree. It was the very last (i.e. display) one at Joann's and I had to harass the poor guy who had to work black Friday to sell it to me. It was already 50% off and being the uppity person that I am, I asked if there were any further discounts to be had since it was a display. Let's just say Matt was none to pleased with all my question asking. But 10 minutes and $67 later this white beauty was all mine. Of course it was out of the box and assembled in no time flat, and while we hadn't pulled all the ornaments out of their storage place, I did put my paper stars on the tree immediately. Here it is all shiny and sparkly!
And a little close up of the ornaments and those cute little mini trees.
And just a quick little rant from me. Why don't yellow ornaments exsist? I'm not talking about gold, I'm talking about yellow. I ended up making my own with spray paint and yellow glitter. Martha's glitter is so beautiful, and she has such a great selection of colors too. So if you would like yellow ornaments, consider adjusting your gold ones like I did.

Anyway, we are well on our way to decking our halls for the holidays. I've got a really awesome project to share with you later this week. If you want a little preview, follow me on instagram (my username is nikiley, or you can check it out from your browser here), I get a little excited and share there before I have time to write up a post usually. Sooooo, have you started decorating yet? Which tree do you like better, green or white? Are you on Instagram? Leave me you username, I wanna see!

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