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OMG, I thought this would be the death of me! It seriously took for. e. ver. I started this project 6 weeks ago. Yep, 6 whole weeks! I can only imagine how long it would have taken if I didn't have my new paint sprayer to make painting go a little quicker. Basically we worked on it in 3 waves.

1. The even spindles
2. The odd spindles
3. All the top parts

The top pieces were especially difficult just because they are not just one piece of wood. The long rail that goes the length of the hallway was especially troublesome. We couldn't carry it down the stairs like everything else, so it had to go up and over the remaining spindles. We set up our ladder right next to the fire place and then it was a crazy juggling / balancing act staring Matt, myself, and a ladder. But all our hard work paid off and we both love how it's turned out.

Here's a view of the stairway all put back together. It's so nice to have something to hold onto whilst going up or down the stairs! Oh, and don't even get me started with this gross carpet. I think replacing the carpet with wood is on next years list.

There is still a little bit of work to be done. We need to re-nail the ends to the walls and caulk around those edges, but you can't tell from the pictures. We're also going to detach the whole thing from the wall one day so we can paint that little strip of wall, it's never been repainted.

There was one little boo boo that I will need to fix. Whoever finished this drywall 30 years ago made the space between the corner and the fireplace just a smidge narrower than the rest of the wall. Oh well, I'll get to it eventually.

And just because I feel like this post needs some side by side comparison take a look at this!

I think it really brightens things up, even without touching any of the doors yet! I'm so excited to have a more light filled and airy home!

P.S. I'd really like to thanks Tim over at Kara Paslay Designs for pointing me in the right direction regarding a paint sprayer!

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