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So recently I have been thinking about having some sort of serialized posts. The kind that have a centralized theme. I really love Brooklyn Limestone's Steal This Idea Fridays, Kara's Dear Tim series (I'm not sure if they're still doing this), Roo's Ballers of History on Nice Girl Notes, or the Craigslist roundup that Sanctuary Home does. And the concept makes for an easy but interesting post. The only problem is I'm so mad I didn't think of them on my own. And I don't want to be an idea stealer. So this is what I came up with; how about a Pinspired By series. I'm always pinning awesome things on Pinterest and sometimes even try them out. There was even the Pinterest Challenge Party over the summer where some of our favorite bloggers challenged us to actually create something, anything, from our maxed out Pinterest boards. (I think a drinking game is required for the rest of this post, every time I say some form of the word Pinterest take a drink.) Most of the time after I make something off Pinterest I just send off a Texty McMessage to my beffie Ali from The House On Adams Dr with a picture of my finished product. That's fun and all but I want more ooh's and ahh's from all of you wonderful peeps.

So here we go. The first, OFFICIAL, Pinspired By post.

Have you seen these lovely galaxy nails by Sarah over at ChalkBoard Nails? They are amazing! Beautiful! Realistic! Easy? Yep, Easy!

The nails themselves were pretty easy, but I can not say the same about photographing them. Boo, you can barely see the cosmic dusty goodness, and I totally forgot to put lotion on my cuticles before snapping these pictures. A nail blogger, I am not! This first one is in indirect sunlight.

This one in direct sunlight.

And one taken inside my shower.

Here's my little set up, I had some aluminum foil to cover my work space, a make up sponge torn up into little pieces, q-tips, and nail polish remover to clean up my fingers afterward.

Oh, and nail polish, duh! All my polishes are from OPI, they are Black Onyx, Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not, La Paz-itively Hot - Matte, Simply Smashing, Brand New Skates, DS Coronation, and Russian Navy.

And while I was trying Pinteresting things out, I also decided to try one more. You may have seen a suggestion to use cooking spray to help speed up drying time and set your nail polish faster. Well, it works! It's not quite as fast as Drip Dry from OPI, but it gets the job done in a pinch (like when your bottle of Drip Dry is empty).

So 2 Pinspiring successes stories in one! (Lifetime Origional mover perhaps?) Do you have a Pinterest series for your blog (I can't imagine this is an original idea)? What have been some of your favorite Pinspired recreations? How many other ways can we use Pinterest as a verb? I'd love to see some of your projects! You can leave a link in the comments below OR, you could share them over on my Facebook page!

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