2 New Tools!!! {and the cutest power tools ever}

7:39 AM

So excited! I finally got a Kreg Jigg! I haven't built anything that I could have used it. But that doesn't stop me from wanting one. I mean just LOOK at all the plans on Ana White and The Design Confidential. Those ladies are so smart! I don't know if I could ever posses the patience to create all those detailed plans.

Ugh, I don't really like seeing that much of my forehead

Now I just need to finish my settee. Which brings me to my second tool of the weekend is this cute little stapler. It is an 18 gauge stapler/nailer. I needed this to attach the fabric to my settee. (which is coming along great)

Bonus Power Tool Fun!!

While at Harbor Freight I came across these tiny tools. I love anything tiny, it's too dang cute!

First is this adorable 3" Table Saw. {what could you even do with this?}

There was a tiny grinder thing. I could see this as being useful.

Baby Miter Saw. The blade doesn't swivel but there is a guide with angles to but your material up to.

Please excuse the terrible iPhone pictures.  I left my camera at home.

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