How to: Shorten Faux Wood Blinds

8:23 AM

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines day.  Matt and I went up to the mountains Sunday and skied Vail on Monday.  There is even a trail called Lovers Leap.  However we didn't take that trail, Matt was up for it but I did not want to hurl myself off a cliff.  We did however take a small bottle of champagne with us to celebrate the day.  Isn't it so cute?

With Valentines Day on a Monday, I didn't really get much of anything done.  The one thing I did was to shorten the blinds in Matt's son's room.  

I had no idea that you could even do that until I was digging through the projects tab on Young House Love.  However I didn't see a tutorial, and it has been over a year since we installed the blinds. So with no instructions for shortening them on hand I just dove in and gave it a shot.  

Tools needed:

(Yes really, this is all I used.  I could have used a screwdriver but I didn't want to walk to the basement.)

I didn't need to take a lot off the bottom as you can see here.  They mentioned small clips at the bottom of the blinds, these are what I found.  I used the nail file attachment on my nail trimmers to pry the little button thing out of the hole.  There is a string that goes through the button, that is what moved the blinds up and down, and the thinner grid of strings that rotates the blinds to let more or less light in.

Once you have all the little button things out and the riser string out of the center of the unnecessary slats just slid them out to the side.  You will need to take the large bottom slat and move it up to it's new rung.

 I used a little tape to keep the riser cord from fraying and put that back through the hole and button thing.  Pull the riser cords taught and make a knot.  You may need to do some adjustments to keep the bottom level but it doesn't take too long.

Once all the riser cords are tied and even you can trim the excess with the nail trimmers.  Tuck the strings back inside the hole and pop the button back in.

What do you think?  Better, worse, almost the same?

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  1. We had some faux wood blinds that were way too long at our last place. I wish I had figured out how to shorten them.

  2. Great pix and content. Odd font and gray font not enjoyable to read at all.

  3. Its better... They turned out beautifully!

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