The #1 reason you should order appliances in advanced

8:36 AM

Matt and I were just about as ready to move into our new house as we would ever be. The only thing that we were not ready for was having a functioning kitchen. Who knew the appliances we picked out would be back ordered? So of course we ordered them just a day or two before moving into our new home and having to turn in the keys to our fully functioning apartment. They were all picked out and we only needed the refrigerator and stove for now because there was a dishwasher and microwave in our home. We can get by without a stove or fridge for 2 weeks. Right?

Fast forward to the 10th day straight of eating out. Taco bell, Chipotle, Noodles & Co., Tokyo Joe's, Wendy's, Del Taco, the list goes on.

I've had it! I want to eat something at home that didn't arrive in a paper bag. No biggie, I'll just pick up a frozen casserole at the grocery store. Mmmmmmm, chicken enchiladas sounds pretty good. Oh and there are microwave instructions. I have a microwave, perfect. I was going to be eating a "home cooked" meal in a matter of 20 minutes (after removing the plastic film at 18 minutes).

Beep, beep, beep, beep, hummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Just a matter of minutes.

Beep, beep, beep.

Time to remove the plastic film and microwave for 2 more minutes.

Hey, wait a minute! Why is this thing still frozen?!?!

Wait another minute, why did the microwave light go out?!?!?


I called to Matt from the kitchen, "It' still frozen."

Enter Matt. He looks around the kitchen for a reset button on the outlets, unplugged and re-plugs in the microwave, pushes buttons all in vain. Once he concedes that this microwave is busted he looks down at me. "Oh baby, please don't make that sad face."

Too late, chin was shaking, eyes were filling up, frown getting frowny-er. I was overwhelmed with our situation of not being able to keep anything but room temperature water in our kitchen. We couldn't even put any of our dishes away because we were only half way through stripping our cabinets before re-painting them.

I cried. All I wanted was to heat up something for dinner and eat. It was after 10:00 pm, I was tired, hungry, and hopeless.

Matt went to pick up some Taco Bell for dinner and was back by 10:30. It was terrible.

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